Tuesday, February 16, 2010

art installations

Ever thought of decorating your walls and space with an art installation? This idea runs along the same concept as using multiples in decorating. You DON'T have to use repetition when designing an installation but its an idea. 
First off, lets cover what exactly an installation is. An installation is: the action or process of installing someone or something, or of being installed, a large piece of equipment installed for use, an art exhibit constructed within a gallery (definition from my handy dandy mac dictionary). Art installations are often commissioned or bought as public art for parks and around cities. With this in mind, lets look at some super neat installations (i tend to gravitate towards installations that use multiples of the same item, my eyes can't help it...they're just so neat to look at!!!!)


yellow pencils cut into hundreds..no thousands of pieces!
made from toothpicks! By Tara Donovan

Here are some not so conceptual installations that can be translated into ideas for your home
Have fun and go for it! I would love to know what you come up with!!!
A wall full of vases! This could look very cool if done right
Don't forget about using lighting as a material! 

Simple frame installation

globes on the ceiling!
small chairs on the walls. So unique and interesting. This is definitely not everyones style but I appreciate the boldness.
Yes, even a collection of photos can be an installation. Be creative and crazy when arranging them!

And I couldn't forget our very own installation! Designed by me and produced by Nathan and our hard working friends. I loved the visual statement it made.


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