Monday, January 25, 2010

walls full of frames

I love using multiples of an item when decorating. It adds an unexpected factor to a room design. Some may wonder, "why so many of one item??" Its about creating a statement with multiples that grabs the attention of the viewer. Imagine just 1 or 2 frames on the wall. It looks nice, simple and maybe a bit conservative. BUT when you add 10 more...what happens then? You get a completely different look. Its when you push the boundaries of design that you truly begin to see the art in it.  Something new, fresh, and edgy is created. 

Side note* freshman year in college I took a 3-D art class. One of our projects was to create a sculpture using multiples of something. It could be anything. I finally landed on the idea of was weird and different. So, 1700 pieces of double mint gum later, I had a sore jaw and a wooden chair covered in gum. It was quite a statement using 1700 of something. It was a fun lesson in designing with multiples. ( I tried to find a picture of the chair but I had no such luck! Luckly, it is still at my parents house) Did I mention that I called Double Mint and asked if they wanted to have it?

Back to wall collages as some people call them. This design takes on the roll of art..very comforting art. I can't get enough of pictures of family and friends around my home. This style is very versatile. The image below is a bit more clean and Pottery Barn style but some of the other examples below are more trendy and playful. This idea can be adapted to anyones style preference!  

A variation of black and white frames and different sizes too.

All the same exact frame in perfect rows.

A smaller wall collage to fill up a small space

Love the large photo of the little boy in what looks like a play room

This room is very busy with so many frames and bold wall color but there are so many interesting things to observe about this room. I love that the wall collage looks like a collection of things the home owner has gathered from traveling the world. The contrast of organic and geometric shapes on the wall is really nice.

I love this room. Looks like most of the frames are full of art work rather than family photographs. The pops of color from the art add a visual excitement to this room. 
I am instantly drawn in.

I think I want to do something like this above our dresser. Let the small mirror collecting begin! And of course, a large enough mirror in the lower left so I can actually use it too! 
This photo is from Cupcakes and Cashmere. An edgy fashion and recipe blog! 

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