Monday, February 15, 2010

incorporating typography into your home

I love typography. It is extremely interesting to me. Not just the design itself but the typographer who created it as well. I've taken several type classes and love each one. I am intrigued at the idea of adding type to home decor. We have several big "H"'s in our home. Using type would work in a variety of different styles of spaces. It is a modern look but who's to say some wood block letters wouldn't look good in a french country style room? This concept is so interesting in that it's an unexpected addition to a space. Spelling out the word "EAT" in a kitchen is not something you expect to see. But, its a statement maker and its fun to see.  

My good friend Diana and her husband painted a big "T" in their dining room to stand for their last name. Its fun and acts as a piece of art.

What do you think of this "accessory"? Would you incorporate this into your space?

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