Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Bucket List

There is something about the summer that I love so much. Mostly little things like sno-cones, longer sunny days, playing at the pool, wearing sandals, grilling out, lovely morning and evening weather and the list could go on! I find myself each year making a mental "bucket list" of things I want to do during the summer but thought I would make my bucket list official by sharing it with you all. Thank you Sarah Tucker Styles for the bucket list inspiration. I was reading through yours today and we have so many that are similar :)

Summer Bucket List 2014
Sno-cones (lots of sno-cones!)
Make homemade sangria
Snorkel while on vacation
Host at least two summer parties
S'mores (completed Memorial Day weekend!)
Lots of walks on the beach while on vacation
Make homemade icecream
Watch a sunset and sunrise
Drive-in movie
Start a veggie garden
Go deep sea fishing while on vacation
Go to h&8th here in Oklahoma City-Completed!
Take more evening walks
Homemade popsicles (I got some popsicle molds for Christmas and have been dying to use them!)
Take more bike rides
Host a wine and cheese party
Sit on my porch during a beautiful summer rain
Try a few new restaurants that are on a separate "restaurant bucket list"
Enjoy a picnic at the park
Eat breakfast on my patio as much as possible
Morning outdoor runs
Dine outdoors more often
Attempt to make homemade sushi
Slow down and enjoy the longer days
Find a recipe for and make the perfect iced coffee-Tried the Pioneer Woman's recipe but it was not my favorite. Still searching for one I love.

I think this list is ever growing but this seems like a good list for now :) What is on your summer bucket list?

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