Thursday, April 14, 2011

How I spent my Thursday evening...

I grew up seeing my dad work in our flower beds each weekend pulling weeds and making everything look perfect. So naturally, when I bought a goal was to have clean and colorful flower beds like my parents. Remember this adventure from last year? Things have come a long way and I actually enjoy landscaping more than I thought. It's awfully rewarding when it increases curb appeal!

This year I bought a few more evergreens (a couple of mine died over winter, it happens) and then I went crazy adding lime green ground cover, portulaca ground cover in pink, yellow, orange and white and begonias in pink, red and white . I am not really into yard ornaments but last year when I graduated college I was one proud graduate so my mom bought me a Sooners stone and I love it. Unfortunately the tree next to the stone died. Sad sad. 

Ps: I will post more pictures later..but remember when the front yard was lacking grass? I planted sod and it is all filled in looks sooooo much better! :)

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