Monday, June 21, 2010

A Before & After: Landscaping

BEFORE: What a mess!..I promise there is a house behind that massive tree bush shrub thing...

Chained it to a truck...

SEE! I told you there was a house behind that thing...

AFTER: Spray painted the shutters/ added new shutters under the porch, new mail box and new porch light and landscaping! The flower bed used to be HUGE, so I made it smaller so it was manageable. The plan is to plant grass when it isn't so hot outside.

Ripped out all of the old plants/ flower beds and layed the new brick and planting...Lots of work but SO worth it!

The other side. Remember there used to be wooden posts that made a flower bed? Ripped those babies out!  Still need grass over here too... :)

Love coming home to a nicely landscaped home...!


  1. That looks amazing!!! Maybe it'll inspire me to get started on my mess of a backyard. I will never underestimate how hard landscaping can be ever again, everything is heavy, it's hot, you have to have an artistic eye to know where to place what goes in the beds, it is WORK! Job well done!

  2. Looks beautiful Taylor! It's kind of fun to get your hands dirty and work in the yard :) Vegetable gardens are also super fun!!

  3. Thanks guys! Becky, I will have to try a vegetable garden sometime...maybe that can be my project next summer! :)



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