Monday, February 15, 2010

instant/ spaces

I found some great home design tips in this months issue of Lonny. And, discovered a new designer that I love. Betsy Burnham. Her style is very minimal in her portfolio which is not at all like what she design for Lonny. Then, I looked at her Instant/ Spaces branch of her design business and saw her fun side. I really enjoy her fun style of design. Clean and beautiful design using pops of color plus new furniture and accessories mixed in with vintage pieces. *at the very bottom is Betsy's design tips. One of my favorite tips of hers is "Combine thrift and couture, we love designer labels as well as flea market finds" This is my favorite way to design a room. Though I am not as experienced as Betsy, I do believe this tip can give a room a sense of visual strength more so than many other decor style out there because it tells such a story about the past and present (think how size, shape, color, texture, fabric has changed over decades and what happens visually when you begin combining pieces from different time periods together...interesting things begins to happen!!!!!!) Don't be afraid to experiment and play around with these ideas!

hello playful!

All images via LonnyMag

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