Monday, February 1, 2010

cut it out

The graphic designer in me is weak at the knees for a great die cut incorporated into a design. What is a die cut you may ask? Its a fun little design detail. This photo can probably describe it better than I can:

The letters have been cut out of this book cover and the next page images are showing through. Die cuts don't typically photograph well because it is hard to distinguish layers. 

So, lets relate graphic design to fashion. I have been seeing several "cut out" designs this year in fashion. Some subtle and some extreme. I honestly can't decide on my opinion of this style.  In many ways this cut out design changes the shape of a typical dress, blouse, or even swim suit. Designers are simply cutting away at the typical clothing forms and pushing new ideas about what clothing can be. What do you think of this style?

Classic and chic

comfortable and casual

Oh how playful!

I have seen several cut outs on the backs of clothing and on the sleeves too.

playing with layers

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