Tuesday, February 2, 2010

something like this

we have a lovely room in our home (not the image pictured above) that is connected to the dining room and kitchen. I think people call this the den. We decided to make our formal living room into our regular ol' living room. We would never use a formal living room and didn't want to waste a great space. SO, back to the den. We have a random space with a couch and that is it. My handy dandy husband and I were talking the other day about him building some built in shelving in this blank space (like the pic above). We don't have a fire place but would love to add an electric one with shelving on both sides (and make the space above the fire place large enough for a big flat screen tv for resale purposes) Built in shelving reminds me of sweet little 1920's bungalows. They add a sense of character that is so charming not to mention the practicality of having build in storage! I ran across this image and thought this was a good starting point minus the green garden themed holiday decorations in the picture.  

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