Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cath Kidston

I got a Cath Kidston catalog in the mail yesterday!!!!
I first fell in love with this fabulous pattern designer when I saw some small coin purses for sale at Tulips, a cute little boutique on campus corner in Norman. I was drawn to the bright colors and her vintage inspired floral patterns. I looked her up to find the cutest website I had ever seen!! I wanted to buy everything on her website. But, of course the prices were in pounds. and the shipping would be a lot. 

Fast forward five years. I went to London in November. My mom and I happened to be visiting Windsor one day and after visiting the queens house we decided to do a little shopping. As we turn the corner, I see a bright store front practically calling my name. Hm. "Let's go check this store out, Mom!!!" and then I yelled "It's Cath Kidston!!!!!!!" I am sure everyone thought I was strange. A strange American. I can't begin to describe how fun it was to look through the store. Cath Kidson caters to a variety of customers. Adorable children's stuff, kitchen accessories, clothing, any kind of bag you can imagine: purses, totes, travel, make up, grocery, baby! A huge selection of wonderful fabrics, all kinds of fun bedding, very adorable craft supplies: fun printed scissors, sewing bags for your supplies. Sadly, I had to be wise in purchases since I literally had no room left in my suit case. I bought some fun dish towels but would have loved to buy some fun coffee mugs and a laptop bag...maybe a fun make up bag too! 

Some of her prints tend to run on the shabby chic side but I am in love with the colorful vintage florals. When I was checking out at the counter I signed up for her catalog and asked the sweet sales lady if they ship to the US. She had no idea and said "fill one out anyway! If you end up getting a catalog one of these days, I guess we ship to the US!!" AND they do ship to the US because I got mine in the mail yesterday with so many new spring products! 


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