Thursday, February 4, 2010

chocolate companies and annual reports

Its my last semester of college (so excited!) and its going to be a neat one. My teachers have given us full freedom to design what ever. we. want. There are some guidelines as to how many items we must design per project. But, other than that we can do anything. Last semester I made up my own little fine chocolates boutique called Drizzle. It was fun. If you remember, I talked about it here

For one of my projects I am designing an annual report and I chose to design one for Kate Spade. Her style is fun yet clean and crisp. Graphic designers are hired to design annual reports and to make them not look as boring. Designers make annual reports look solid and confident for the investors sake. Yet, interesting to potential employees for the human relations departments sake. Also, it must get the attention of new college graduates seeking jobs or 60 year old business men. The hardest part in designing an annual report is dealing with the huge amounts of information required. It needs to look clean but not boring. I'll let you know how it goes!

(this is the text i put in my portfolio for this project)
Chocolate Packaging Design
This was a self directed project of our choice. I chose to focus on branding and packaging of a small fine chocolates boutique, Drizzle. Instead of using an existing company, I decided to make up my own. The style of this small business is playful and energetic. After all, chocolate is a pleasure for many. So, I wanted the identity to have a less stuffy look and something more colorful so when people saw the Drizzle logo, they would think of fun, trendy, and pleasing to the taste buds.

For the Drizzle logo, I experimented with swirling chocolate to create organic shapes as designs for the packaging. I decided to try writing out the word Drizzle in chocolate. My oal was to create an identity that was young and too serious. I wanted a logo that could also pull off a bright color [alette on the various products. The image below is the logo I chose to use as the main identity for Drizzle. 

For the Classic Drizzle packaging, I used a ric -  rac inspired look that resembles swirls of chocolate. I chose to use tin boxes and a large tin can for my packaging base. The silver showing from the tin continued with the edgy concept. For the large and medium tin boxes, I chose to add 2 more patterns to separeate the kinds of chocolate Drizzle has to offer. On a shelf, the contrasting patterns would draw a customer in. I chose the light blue, pink, and navy color palette as something sophisticated yet exciting. I wanted the gift bag to grab peoples attention and make someone instantly wonder what store the playful bag was from.

sorry about the quality of the photos. I haven't taken a photo class in a few years and i've lost my touch. :) hopefully i'll get some better ones soon to add to my portfolio. 

Also, tell your friends! If you know someone looking for custom invitations, save the dates, birth announcements, business logos etc. please send them my way! 

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  1. that is an adorable design that you should submit to miss jackson's
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