Saturday, January 30, 2010

decorating the floor...and i'm not talking about a rug!!

Looking for a way to spruce up that disgusting linoleum flooring in your kitchen in a budget savvy way? Well, look no further! Why not try painting the floor? It's an odd thought at first, I know. Painting the floor? There are indeed other ways to decorate the floor besides cover it with a rug AND a good rug can run you several hundred dollars! This is a much cheaper (and creative) alternative! 

Check out these fun images below for a little bit of inspiration! Not only does painting the floor cover up what you don't like but it also adds fun character- like a 1920's bungalow with oh so much personality you just can't stand it!  

very modern

Oh, that black and chartreuse together! Love love love! So striking.

edgy and playful

one of my personal favorites. There are several places online that you can order floor and wall stencils custom. Much cheaper than a new floor or wallpapering the walls!

how fun!

Oh I love this subtle and delicate lace pattern. So pretty.

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