Friday, November 27, 2009

book design. a love hate relationship.

I just finished designing a children's book at school. The above illustration is not my work but I just loved this page of a vintage book that I had to add it to my Neat-o folder. I am thinking about designing a page for my neices with their names and a little illustration of them. Book design is a huge part of graphic design- catalogs, magazines, annual reports, and there are always graphic designers that are working at book publishing companies. Designing a book is very tedious and time intensive. I love the final outcome when I finish a book but golly, the journey is quit brutal. But the end is rewarding and thats what counts for sure! I don't think I will go into the book designing (maybe magazines or catalog design-dream job...designing Anthropologie's catalogs!!!!) field as a designer but I still enjoy looking at books.    

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