Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The beginning of many lasts.

I just enrolled for my last semester of college. Its a weird feeling. 5 years is a long time but how is it coming to an end so quickly. There were many instances when (around the 2.5 years of college mark) that time was going pretty sloooow. But, in less than 6 months college will be over. A huge milestone in my life will be over. This is happy and sad. Mostly happy. Here are some "lasts" that I am cherishing before I am out of school in May.

Last first day of school
Last real summer (probably most sad about giving this up when graduating) 
Last Christmas break (this one too.)
Last time to enroll (the art school cancels classes the week of that part!)
Last time to buy a commuter parking pass

Weird to think that when I leave college I will have learned enough about my major (visual communication) that sets me apart from others and I can get a job with my knowledge and skills.

Were you sad to graduate college or happy? Did you have a good college experience?

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