Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lime Green Lover

So, anyone who knows me at all knows that I love lime green. This used to be my master bed room inspiration. I still love it a lot but..I love the previous post better. I think I am in love with huge beds that make a neat visual statement and large mirrors that span from floor to ceiling--gah..something so chic about a big mirror! Love it! This room is just so cheerful, clean, and fresh! As I find great design whether its interior, fashion, or graphic design, I always save photos to a folder on my computer called "neat-o".  After 3 years or so I have accumulated quite the collection of things that have caught my eye. Its fun to see what caught my eye a few years ago and what catches my eye now.  My style and favorite colors are constantly changes as a designer so its neat to look back and remember why I loved a certain photo that I decided to save in my neat-o folder. 

I like blogging but I am so bad at taking pictures of our life as its happening so fast! So, when I don't have any pictures to share of things Nathan and I have been up to...I will just share design that catches my eye or things that I find inspiration in for my own graphic design.

PS- now that I have been looking at this bedroom photo...I am falling for it all over again!

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