Sunday, August 16, 2009

Loving the white walls

I have been loving white lately! I love the fresh quality about this room but the pinks, green, and bold b&w pattern for the coffee table adds that playful quality that is a must for me. I love color so much. so so much. When decorating our first instinct was to paint the walls all sorts of bright colors...guacamole green, jalapeno jelly green, robins egg blue, terra-cotta red, and a nice light gray for the hallway. But, recently I have been noticing that my eye is drawn to rooms full of colorful accessories..rugs, flowers, pillows, frames, vases, bold patterns WITH STARK WHITE WALLS!! (i used to hate white walls) Gosh...I never thought of painting the walls white and going crazy with colorful accessories. I really like this clean look. Right now our living room is a nice guacamole green.  Its really pretty and calming but..I am having a hard time finding colors that look good with it. So all that to say...white walls and crazy colorful accessories = I LOVE IT!

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  1. We have guacamole green living room walls.. technically the color is called "bamboo shoot!" And you're right... you can't use much color with it! I have to use all earth tones in my living room. Beige.. brown.. white.. black. My only accent color is yellow blossoms I got from Pottery Barn! Loving your ideas!!!



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