Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy Monday, Blogettes! I am back from a fabulous vacation in the lovely mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado where the amazing Blake proposed to me! (insert engagement ring, heart and celebration emojis!)

Breck has always had a special place in our hearts as a couple. It was our first vacation spot together as a couple and since then, we have visited several times in the summer and winter time.

In particular, we have a very favorite restaurant there called The Hearthstone. I highly recommend it for anyone going to Breck. Anyway, we tagged along with my parents on this trip so they got to join in on the fun! I had made reservations for The Hearthstone and it ended up that we were running late for our reservation and I was not a happy camper but I soon learned that it was part of the plan. Because we were running late, my parents dropped Blake and I off at the front door. We were directed to our awesome table in which we sat down. Blake told me that he had recently realized we had been dating for 1,113 days and that each day I have become more his best friend and how much he loved me. Blake is pretty frequent with his sweet words so I did not think much of this. Then, the waitress brought us some champagne! I thought that was so sweet but I truly had no idea a proposal was in store. We drank our champagne and as I sat my drink down Blake said, "what's that right there?" and pointed to a very sparkly and gorgeous ring! We pulled the ring out and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Blake's main objective was the catch me off guard and he did for sure. Side note: He asked if we could go look at rings next week so I really thought there was no way that we could be getting engaged on this trip!

Champagne glass that my ring was sitting in the bottom of. Blake was worried I would see the ring in the champagne as the waitress brought it. I did not see a thing and Blake actually had to point the ring out to me. Haha.

Right after we got engaged, Blake called my parents and said they could come in. They were in on the plan the whole time. It meant the world to me that Blake included them in the proposal.
My parents and us. Such a special night.

Now Breckenridge holds a more special place in our hearts. As beautiful and as special as Breck is, we have decided to get married there! 7/17/15 here we come! 

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