Monday, November 10, 2014


I recently added pencils to my etsy shop. It was torn between producing a product with cute saying and producing a product with something meaningful. I chose meaningful. I am still trying to figure out why that was such a tough decision for me.

Gratitude Changes Everything. This is my life motto. Seriously. I hate to admit it on the world wide web but I am selfish. I lack gratitude, a lot of it. I am coming to terms with the fact that I compare my life to "perfect people on social media" and it leaves me so not content, wanting more and very selfishly not gracious for what I have. I made these pencils as a reminder to myself and hopefully to others, too.

I often let myself be defined by the clothes I wear, the designers things I think I "need" to fit in, what the inside of my house looks like etc. It's my fault for choosing to put my worth in these materialistic things but what I am learning is that I want to change because my worth is not in these things. It's exhausting trying to put my worth in material things, too. Clothes, purses, jewelry and decorating my home are so fun--but they do not define me. My heart, my compassion, my love for others and my servants heart are the things I want to be defined by.

I have been trying hard to be grateful and name off everything I am grateful for as soon as that itch of not being content strikes. My family, my boyfriend, my puppy, my etsy shop, my full time job, a home I own, food on my table, genuine friends, a car...the list could go on. As soon as I start naming off the things I am gratitude for, a wave of hope and calmness comes over me. I immediately feel better and happy for all the blessings in my life. Gratitude does indeed change everything.

Contentment and gratitude are my struggles. But they are almost my opportunities for deep growth.

Do you ever struggle with contentment and lack of gratitude? Leave me a line.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. xoxo -Taylor

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