Friday, September 23, 2011


Oh my, blog friends! It's been far too long. Like I said in this post, I've been so busy with work. Oh, and the dining room progress, you ask? Haven't done a thing on it! I guess that means I am working my very hardest at my new job ;) 

Here are a few of my favorite things from the past month or so :)

I got some new living room decor! A new ceramic pedestal and some lively pottery barn pillar candles!!

As I was shopping for office decor at TJ Maxx, I ran across that adorable lime green mug. Those that know me know that lime green is my absolute favorite! Makes drinking coffee that much more fun!

Some of my favorite lovelies from college and I met up at the Dust Bowl Arts Market a few weeks ago. Love them and our fun college memories!

My rose moss in my garden is growing like crazy. What a fun surprise considering most of plants died from the horrible Oklahoma summer heat! Love coming home to the pretty colors!

I went to a banquet last weekend for work and I WON the centerpiece. Yes, I won it and it's still alive!

I had Dim Sum for the first time this summer. Have you been before? This is Wikipedia's version and I think it's pretty accurate...Dim sum is a well known for the unique way it is sometimes served in some restaurants, where fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes would be pushed around on steam carts by servers who go around the restaurant offering the dishes to customers and marking orders on a card on each customer's table.

Last but not least...I will occasionally hit the lanes with my mom (she's really good at bowling!!) PS: Those pants are perfect to wear to Glow Bowl :)

I hope to be blogging more constantly! Have a lovely weekend!

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