Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blind Letterpress

I am obsessed with these letterpress and blind letterpress invitations. The art of letterpress truly becomes the design of these pieces. The handwritten calligraphy isn't too shabby either.

I am slowly learning all of the terminology associated with printing and I love it. Letterpress is when a plate is made in the reverse and then pressed into the paper. Typically, only two ink colors can be used unless doing digital letterpress (we can talk about this term later). Blind letterpress is when no ink is used and simply the plate alone is being pressed into the paper. Paper thickness is pretty important for letterpress invitations. For example, the invitations above use a lovely thick paper and once letterpressed, a deep texture is created. *The way to tell if something has been letterpressed correctly is to turn the paper over. There should never be an indention on the other side from the plate, if printed correctly or unless specified by the designer otherwise.

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