Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jeggings: let's talk for a minute

From one fashion blog to the next, I have been reading about jeggings and debating whether or not to purchase a pair. 

I do like the perks of jeggings: comfy and fit very closely to your body which is great during the winter when wearing boots! Less jean material to stuff into your boots!

But, the only hesitation I have is how flattering they are. I don't think I love the jeggings with a stretchy waste band like shown below. I don't think those are at all flattering especially not on your rear end. I think I am more willing to opt for the actual jean material leggings with a button and zipper and all.

Because jeggings are so tight fitting to your body it is important to keep the color of denim in mind. I would say darker washes are better and would be more flattering on most. I've seen some available with multiple washes of blue in them...stay away from these. The material tends to have more stretchy cotton and less denim material. Showing your rear end in thin cotton leggings is just a bad idea unless you are at the gym.

Do you like jeggings? Do you have a pair? What brands of jeggings are you loving?

dont love these from shop bop

love these from shop bop

Rockin Republic... why why why would you make these?!?

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  1. I have a pair from bloomingdales that I love. They're black and very thick with a zipper and pockets. They actually shrunk a bit in the dryer, but it actually turned out pretty cute--they're now ankle length. I love them because I can wear them to work without being offensive. I think jeggings can work if the color is dark, and you don't get a size that is obscenely small. Also, I'd wear a short that covers some of the bum. Happy shopping!




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