Thursday, April 8, 2010

tortilla chicken salad + homemade guacamole

I worked at a bar + deli through most of my college time at OU. Its called Bison Witches. They have delicious sandwiches and soups. If you're ever in Norman, OK you should go there. It's local and unique. But my favorite thing on menu was their tortilla chicken salad. Tonight I tried to recreate it! I think it was a huge success!! So good!
I have no pictures for this post because I ate the salad up before I remembered to take a picture :)

romaine lettuce
sour cream
grilled chicken (seasoned with poultry seasoning) 

Mix all together = yum!

tonight i made homemade guacamole to put in the salad. I don't have a recipe because I tend to just throw ingredients in until it tastes good. But it goes something like this:

scoop avocados into a bowl, add some salsa, add some garlic, add some onion powder or onions if you want, a little cumin and a little chili powder. *it helps if you use a whisk or fork when stirring it all up. those pesky avocado chunks can be hard to break up sometimes...

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