Thursday, April 8, 2010

okay, i love the sartorialist blog

He always captures lovely people expressing really unique fashion. The images are incredibly fascinating. I typically just look at the nice images he photographs and I dont read any of the content. Today was different for some reason and it made me laugh a lot: 

"Why is it that old-school boutiques seem to be the only retailers left that understand the idea of the "hidden treasure".

Shops today over-indulge in the visual display of product and images. Shouting at customers to dance to their music and submit to their own experience. Shops of yesteryear seduced, like a strip tease, slowly revealing themselves to those that gave their time and attetion.

It is strange that these shops of yesterday are so much more seductive than the "tits-out" stores of today"

The images in his post help make what he was saying make more sense:

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