Thursday, March 4, 2010

guess what i got in the mail

I am a fan of Anthropologie. I think these days I am more in love with their advertising and graphic design than anything. Their design is impeccable. It's clean yet edgy, stylish yet so classic, hip but sophisticated. They execute all the bases to market to all of their buyers. Yesterday, I got this lovely package in the mail since its my birthday month. You would think that I would be soo excited about the 15% off total purchase but no. I was ecstatic about the design of the card. It had a plastic candle tied to the front. I turned it over to see that it was a necklace! How innovative. Anthro's presentation is fabulous. The bow on the back was tied perfectly. Little dots formed the outline of a cupcake (love this style) and simple and subtle type was placed at the bottom. Bravo Anthro!


  1. its so cute!:) thats why we love anthropologie!

  2. OOH yay! I can't wait to get mine next month?

    You have an anthro card, right? Me too. Love it.



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