Tuesday, March 30, 2010

frames times twelve

For only a year now, I have been on an search for THE PERFECT above the couch space filler aka art, photos, something to fill the space. I don't want it to be the focal point of the room as our light fixture  is a huge statement piece. You never want too many large scale statement pieces in a room because then they'll fight for attention causing an awesome piece to not have the attention it deserves. 

ANYWAY, I like the image above. I would probably only do nine frames. 12 frames fits that space perfect though. I don't think I want to do photos. Possibly drawings, vintage sketches, little paintings done by nathan and i? That would be a fun weekend project. 

IKEA has wonderful large frames for the budget conscious decorator! I am postponing this project until the next time I am in dallas...mid april possibly?! 

What would YOU fill these frames with?


  1. MUST call me when you are in Dallas and I can take you too paper source where you will fall in love with all their papers! That is what I would put in my frames!

  2. oOO I am a sucker for good paper :)



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