Sunday, February 21, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall

I am LOVING the look of layering mirrors. I don't love the huge frameless mirror in my guest bath. I was planning on getting rid of it until I saw the top image via Little Green Notebook. I love the extra visual element that is created by layering these mirrors! Let's add this one to my list of projects around my little home :)

How to layer mirrors from Apartment Therapy:
Screw an I-hook in the ceiling very close to the wall above your vanity area. If need be, paint it to match the ceiling color. Attach a piece of fishing wire or any type of strong, translucent wire to the back of your mirror. String it through the eyehook and loop it back through the picture wire of the decorative mirror, so you don’t see any loose ends. Add felt bumpers to the back of your mirror if there aren’t any. The wire will be virtually invisible and the mirror should rest against the wall mirror.


  1. how would you get it to stay on the other mirror?

    at my parents house, my mom put a mirror up with some wire, but put really big black satin ribbon over it and tied it in a bow to cover up the wire. it's adorable!!!

  2. I added a how to from apartment therapy. They say to hang it from the ceiling. That sounds easier than trying to hang it from the mirror.



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