Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bookcase love

Since moving into our first house in March we have yet to find the perfect bookcase. The size, the shape, the style. So, until I find the perfect one, I'll be looking at these for inspiration. We have lots of fun design books that I'd love to display but no place to show them off! I have been collecting bookcase inspiration for a couple months and here are my favorites so far. 

Its not simply the bookcase itself that makes the shelves look so visually interesting. You must also consider the arrangement of books (organized by color, size, shape etc) that make these shelves look so neat. Also, displaying the little unique trinkets you have can add a lot of interest to a shelf.  Be thoughtful in choosing treasures that are unique in shape and vary in size and in color. This will ensure that you get the most visual interest when decorating your shelves.

organizing books by color can make a bookcase shine with character rather than blend into the wall.

not your typical way of organizing books but it adds interest. 
stacking books vertically is a nice way to change things up a bit! 

a neutral color scheme. not every single book you own will fall within your color palette. not a problem. you can always make slip covers for books using craft paper or fabric.

Look how interesting this set up is. A mixture of colorful books and trinkets. Keeps me wanting to look and see what fun things I can find within this display. 

a less cluttered and more modern approach.

oh my. a little fancy. a little modern.
a farm style table with louis ghost chairs. an unexpected mix. 

i am a fan of the arched style. arched doorways and of course this book case. can we talk about the large boat chandelier for a second?! how unique and fun! It's subtle which keeps this room looking chic. Yet, its a cute and quirky accessory and guests are sure to get a kick out of it. I sure did.  

the shelf inspiration for our creative room

Wow! This really takes the regular old hallway up a notch!

This is a good example of a visually interesting shelf organization. 
Remember, placement = how the object is placed on the shelf + 
how it interacts with just the self
arrangement = how an object is placed in relation to the other objects on the shelf (pairing size, color, shape) 


  1. i'm starting to love book shelves more too! I have one in my room right now that I think I might ask the actual owner if I can buy it from her. :) its definitely not super fancy or anything...but it looks a tad antique-y

  2. when i lived in my parents house on Lahoma my senior year, i had an awesome study room with a wall full of bookshelves. it was always my favorite room. i would study in there with natural light and it really helped me focus :)

    people would always compliment that room. during parties, people would actually congregate in here! weird?

    also, about that boat and i went to an antique show in round top, tx last april and saw a few of those light fixtures. over $6,000 for some! WHOA! but, they are super awesome. we both wanted one, but obviously didn't get it..



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