Wednesday, January 6, 2010

why i love this room- a lesson in designing a room to tell a story

WOW! this room is fabulous! In my previous post, I talked about using different colors, textures, materials, new and vintage pieces to create a beautiful space. In my opinion, these are the most interesting types of rooms. This room could not be easily replicated. Some of these pieces look modern..other pieces look vintage. 

the mirror for instance looks vintage. the pop of metallic makes the room feel fancy. the crystal chandelier has this in common with the mirror in that it dresses up the room. The chartreuse center ottoman and the curtains were the first thing that I noticed when seeing this photo. With all of the bold colors in this room (the curtains, ottoman, blue walls, and pops of yellow) using a neutral color: brown for the pillows was a nice way of grounding all the bright colors. 

I love that white, brown, and black furniture was used in this room. Some people think that using theses colors in furniture (and clothing) is breaking the rules. Let me tell you now...its not!!! I promise! This room proves it! 

See how the designer used a yellow throw, pillows, chair cushion, and flowers. Color grouping helps bring a room together.  When used properly and in the right amount...any color can look great incorporated into a room. 

Lets touch on color for another second, this room doesn't particularly have a color palette. yes, there are three very bright colors but look deeper..I see fushia flowers, deep red flowers, and a bright red box on the table. hm. even more i beileve this room tells a story. we have so many elements that don't "go together" in this room BUT THEY DO GO TOGETHER!! it about how you style them in relation to one another. 

Also, see how they have incorporated white, brown, and black frames on the walls. This ties several huge elements together. 

This room goes together without being too matchy or obvious. 
that was a lot to talk about!
I hope that made sense!


  1. I love this room too!(hey taylor, we've never met but im sarah - anna miller's sister). i love that you're into design. i enjoyed reading your opinions and thoughts on this room.. i love this type of thing!

  2. Hi! I have heard soooooo much about you! And of course seen so many pictures of your little cuties! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! :)



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