Friday, January 22, 2010

i heart magazines.

There is something so fun about going to Barnes & Noble and reading fashion, bridal, and decor mags for hours! It is something I have always loved doing.

It makes me so sad that many magazine companies are going under due to the internet and printless publishing now. I read in an article today that in 2008, 535 magazines went out of business. So, in my efforts against magazines going under I have subscribed to two magazines. I subscribed to SHAPE and Gourmet. Both great mags. I love shape for its great exercise and nutrition information and I loved Gourmet for its great and unique recipes. Sadly, Gourmet went under and then they started sending me Bon Appetite. I just love cuddling up on my couch and reading my magazines with a cup of tea. Recently, I have heard that Modern Bride and Instyle Weddings are finished too. InStyle Weddings was a good one when planning my wedding. And I was extremely sad when Domino Magazine was done. That magazine had some awesome home decor ideas. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and I bought three magazines (I never do this unless I am at the airport) to support the magazines I love. My two favorites being:

House Beautiful

The first HB issue I had ever seen. 
Those navy cainets. French doors. That chair. Black chanelier.
 PINK peonies! The lime green type. I am in love.

Elle Decor

Love Elle Decor's funky vintage meets modern take on home designs

Buy a subscription to your favorite magazine if you don't already have one and support the magazine industry! 

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