Friday, October 21, 2011

Protein: Before and After You Workout

Happy Friday, blog friends!

Other than design, my other passion is living a healthy and fit lifestyle. In college, I had the average story: gained weight over a 5 year period..twenty pounds to be exact.

Once I graduated college, I stopped pulling all nighters and eating junk food at 11pm. I began getting a good nights rest, drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins (consistently) and hitting the gym at least 5 days a week. Normally, I do at least three days of just cardio per week and two days of strength training. I am just nowat the point where I am able to balance all the elements that go into living a healthy lifestyle. I would say it took me a full year to loose the "college weight" and get the hang of keeping it off.

Lately, I've seen a lot of results by increasing my intake of protein whether that be from a chicken breast at lunch or a protein shake before+after I work out. Some people don't like to eat before they workout, but since I like to incorporate plyometrics, I need to eat something or else I feel light headed. But consuming protein after you work out is the most important. says: The calories you eat after your workout will be used to replace energy stores in your muscles that got used up during your training session. Your body also uses any protein you eat to build and repair your muscles that were broken down as a result of you pushing them to their limits. Eating immediately after you finish a workout is beneficial for many reasons. Your body will automatically use the calories you eat for good (repair and recovery) and not bad (fat storage). 

So, my favorite protein shake is Muscle Milk Light. It's got 100 calories, no sugar and 15 grams of protein. I've tasted some pretty horrible shakes and this one is not bad at all. I get the chocolate. 

I buy Muscle Milk Light in bulk at Sam's. They seem to have the best price but you can also get it in a 4-pack at Walmart. Hope my protein shake review has been somewhat beneficial. If any readers are into this kind of thing, do you have a favorite protein shake? 

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  1. Hey! Fitness is my other passion too. Being a vegetarian it's been hard in the past to build muscle. So, I just started taking protein within the last couple of months and have seen a dramatic improvement in my body composition / muscle mass.

    I buy some Whey protein from the health food store - it's really expensive but important to me that it's super quality stuff. It's the only processed food I really eat so I'm willing to pay the few extra bucks to feel confident that I'm not putting any weird or unnecessary chemicals in my body.

    I drink a protein shake about an hour before I work out and then eat a meal when I get home from my workout. It seems to be working so far!



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