Sunday, January 23, 2011

chicken tortilla soup

Ok, it is miserably freezing here right now and this chicken tortilla soup from the pioneer woman looks uh-mazing. I think I am going to make this tomorrow evening or sometime this week. yum yum!

Do you have any favorite recipes that warm your soul on a cold day? Please do share!


  1. i saw this recipe on her website too. I'm a little intimidated by all the I haven't tried. :) I really like my chili I make for cold days. Except, I haven't actually made it on a cold day yet. Our winter has been ridiculously warm (i'm not complaining though) :)

  2. yea..there are a lot of ingredients. BUT, none of them are super crazy or unheard of...which makes it a lot easier for me.

  3. yum yum. let me know if you do make it and how it turns out. i am going to post some recent recipes that I have made here shortly.....



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