Thursday, December 30, 2010

Office Inspiration

I am currently gathering inspiration for my soon to be office at home. My desire is for my office to be a space that is organized yet fun and full of inspiration. I want to be able to display my own design work along with tons magazine clippings and photos that inspire me. Here are a few bit that inspire... 
 Love how fun this office is. I also love this shelf. It is similar to this one at Ikea

who doesn't love a chalkboard wall to scribble on?

oh, a big table would be so much more fun than a desk. too bad my office area isnt THAT big.

 What a great way to hang inspiration, pictures and magazine clippings.

 organized inspiration. love it!

I love those shelves to display art or inspiration.

I am loving blue and mustard color palettes... 

 A fun idea to spruce up a boring old bulletin board

I am in love with white walls, white furniture and accessories with pops of color. For example, that rug! Though we've been chatting about offices...we can talk for a second about that fire place! LOVE!

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  1. my fav is the one with the green desk (surprise, surprise) and my next fav is the mustard yellow+blue.



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