Saturday, August 7, 2010

custom stamp love

My sweet hubs left this morning for China for two weeks. I know, it's only two weeks. I'll live. But, when it's your bff whom you laugh with daily and plan to watch the bachelor pad with...(he's going to miss the first two episodes! watch party anybody?)  :) it's a bit more difficult. sigh.

So, to lift my spirits...I shop. I bought a lovely I have had my eye on for a while. Yep, I bought an address stamp. But not just any stamp. This is a handwritten calligraphy stamp from Primele on Etsy. Her calligraphy is to die for. I bought this one below for nathan + i! 

If I knew about her when I was getting married I would have totally used amazing are these?!

oh and those vintage stamps are uh-mazing! love love love

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