Monday, July 12, 2010

lots o logos

I was asked to work with Chemical Flooding Technologies to come up with a logo/brand identity. To tell you the truth, I had absolutely no idea what Chemical Flooding Technologies (CFT) was, I bet you don't have a clue either. CFT works with oil. An oil rig only releases about 10% of the amount of oil actually in the rock. So, then water flooding companies come and flood the rig with water to push more oil out, but that only gets a little more out. SO THEN, CFT comes in and gets about 40% of the oil out!  So, after a lot of research, note taking and meetings to discuss the processes of this company..I got to sketching. The three components were oil, the chemical surfactant (yellow) and water. The surfactant is the middle man between the oil and the water.  Am I making any sense??!?!? Anyway, I used opacity and transparency in several of my sketches because the surfactant in a way is mixing with the water and oil push the oil out of the rig. 

My favorite is the first one. I hope they pick this one! :) I think it is abstract but also illustrates oil coming towards us..which is ultimately what CFT does. I also love the typeface and that it is referencing old retro science reports.

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  1. great job on the logos...I personally like the first one the best too!! I think that the first two, although they are different, complement each other really well. Not sure what they are using them for exactly.. but maybe they could use both for different applications!

  2. Just talked with the president of the company. They like the first one, too! But they also liked the flask! They want to use it, too, for some marketing and sales materials. Jeff

  3. I'm voting for the third one. I think it's my favorite. The colors are so gorgeous, too.

  4. Taylor! I like them all! However, #2 is my fav. I love the simplicity. Have you encountered any problems with a transparent logo not translating well to one color - should that happen? Great work, sister! Now I know who to send people to! Yea!

    - Julie Molloy



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