Saturday, April 24, 2010

time, where'd it go?

My senior design show is tomorrow. I can't believe it. I am SO excited. I have never once been sad about graduating college...until the last couple of days..what is wrong with me?! 

College and specifically my major (visual communications) has taught me so much about design, concepts, immaculate presentation, having perfect craft skills and elaborating on my ideas until the best creative solution is found. I have learned that I truly love design- all types. I have a huge appreciation for people and their creativity and though I may not like certain design styles, I love that peoples creativity pushes them to produce such interesting concepts. 

Through the past four years, I've loved design classes and genuinely hated them to tears,. But, I am quite proud to finally be done (almost). But, so sad that this particular creative journey will be over soon. School pushed me to be creative even when I didn't want to be and I am thankful for made my designs stronger. It also made me extremely observant and notice design everywhere I went, I mean everywhere....and I think about design 24/7 literally,  I even think/ talk about design in my my husband tells me :)

Though I won't miss the huge lack of sleep...I will miss them below..all nine of them!

us with saggmeister 

those are the only pictures I have right now. We just did a photo shoot for the ill post some of those shots- they're money!

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  1. congrats on everything Taylor! :) you are so talented!



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