Friday, April 30, 2010

taking a quick break to blog... :)

MMmmm. I love black + turquoise. It is so fresh and also loving how the space remains looking clean with the stainless steal appliances and white counter tops. I am loving this. color + clean. yes yes yes!

I am taking a small break from editing tons of photos for my last school project- a portfolio design book. I just took tons of pictures of my capstone I'll post pictures later today or tomorrow. 

Last week, I was kind of sad about nearing the end of my college career. BUT, this week...I am SO excited about the creative endeavors to experience in the future. Not having school will open up SO much time for me to work on the creative design that I WANT to work rather than HAVING to work on mandatory school projects. After talking to the wise, creative and wonderful Shannon Ho and her husband, I am so encouraged and inspired! 

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