Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lovin' this bedroom.

I LOVE being married to my sweet husband, but sometimes I miss having the opportunity to decorate with pink. You wouldn't believe how girly my rooms were all through college. PINK PINK PINK and a little lime green, some yellow, and a bit of orange...And those were my wedding colors, tastefully done that is. Those bright hues tend to freak people out sometimes...so I always feel that I need to end the sentence with "don't worry, our wedding looked great!" Gosh, I just got way off subject...

ANWAY, I am really enjoying this room. It's completely DIY and totally feasible to have a fabulous looking room like this. A few coats of paint on some old furniture and some fun throw pillows really add to it. What I love is that this room completely grabs my attention. The color is in all the right places. I love that the walls are white leaving the furniture and accessories to pop. Yet, some of the bedding is white to tie in back with the walls. All coral would be too much. So, the white is just the right balance. But, it's not just white..the white has been lightly accessorized with a fabric tape in green. Love the coral green color combo..so springy! 

 What a fun room. So happy and cheerful. 

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