Wednesday, April 28, 2010


lovin' this color palette. 
Image via Seesaw Design

Inspiration! It's wonderful!! I know I've said this before but I love that I can truly find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. There are so many wonderful designers out there whose work can be viewed with just one click of a mouse. I love browsing endless amounts of images in search for inspiration for my next project or design job.  

When I find a graphic design image that inspires me for a project, I always keep in mind: reference but don't copy. It is perfectly fine to reference your inspiration in your design whether it's with color, style, theme, era etc but it isn't fair to a designer to reproduce something they've created without paying for it. When you see great design it means that a designer somewhere put a lot of creativity and time into making it, probably with the intentions of getting paid for it. 

Inspiration is a beautiful thing but there's a difference between referencing and replicating.

Just a little thought as I am quickly jumping into the real design world very soon!

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