Monday, March 8, 2010

little lovelies & challenging your creativity

I have been in search of some inspiration all evening for a school project. I happened to run past these lovely little book covers (not at all in the right direction for my project... I get distracted too easily with pretty designs) These quick 24 tour guide of : Madrid and Moscow are awesome. What first caught my eye about these covers were the beautiful illustrations. Simple vector lines created a complex city scape scene. The illustrations are stylized in a bit of a whimsical way with the oversized birds and patterns in the clouds. It's fun. If I was looking for books on Madrid, my eye would instantly be drawn to this one because of its colors and creativity, I'm sure of it! (is that only because I am a graphic designer and pay attention to these things?!?!) I also love that the two book covers are very consistent with one another (they are such diverse cities too!!) yet, both books could easily stand on their own with out the help of the other. The designs work in a group of by themselves is what I mean. 

One of my favorite problems in design is making a not super exciting product... exciting. I am going to admit that city guides aren't ridiculously fun to stare at...maybe the content is good but we want good design, people! In solving a creative problem you have to start with sorting through all of the crazy, creative, boring, cliche, interesting, stylish & confusing ideas going through the brain...don't be afraid to dream big and reel yourself back in later. Sketching is a good way to document your ideas. Writing down ideas helps you later elaborate further on a beginning idea. Consider all of your options...write them down. Write down words that come to mind when brainstorming. Finally, a decision must be made about the concept...what best solves the creative problem. Visually? Conceptually? Does it do the job? How well does it do the job? Its a fun, exhausting, frustrating, confusing and rewarding problem to solve.

This idea of making something that isn't very exciting more exciting can be applied in other areas of design. Interiors, Fashion? OF COURSE! Look around and I encourage you to get creative with it. REMEMBER TO CONSIDER ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS. Play outside the box and challenge your creativity. 

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