Friday, March 26, 2010

curtains. go big.

Up until about a year ago I had never once used a curtain. My mom and dad have always loved plantation shutters. So, there was no need for curtains. Once we moved in our home and had to find window treatments, we realized plantation shutters were a bit out of our budget. So, we gave curtains a try. I have developed a strong liking not for just the ol' regular curtain but BIG ones. Dramatically long and fluffy ones. They make a room feel whimsical and fresh. Longer curtains have the illusion of making a window look larger. * Remember when buying curtains, don't buy them too short! 
Pottery Barn showing a classic, lengthy curtain.

Little floral lovelies. What a statement they make. These are fluffy and remind me of a big a good way.

The closer the rod is to the ceiling..the more visual effect the curtains have on making the window look larger.

Not as long but still maintains an effortless flowing look.

Here are our curtains in our living room. We chose a light colored curtain to keep the room bright. Several pieces in our living room are modern. Clean lines and a bit geometric. So, I brought in these curtains to soften the style. It did the trick. I don't think I could live all modern. I like homey elements too much.

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  1. So attractive hues and combinations that adds to your walls.



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