Sunday, February 7, 2010

save or splurge

It's a toss up. Sometimes I feel like finding a good deal but other times I am willing to splurge on something classic that I can see myself wearing for years to come (a great pair of black heels for example). But, if its something super trendy that'll be out in a few seasons, buying a less expensive version is the way to go in my opinion. What are your rules for saving and splurging?

I live by this rule when shopping: If I am not in LOVE with the item...PUT IT BACK. If you end up regretting not buying it later...then possibly consider going back to purchase it. 

1 comment:

  1. NEVER IN MY DREAMS WOULD I SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY ON BOOTS!! I would definitely save. But i'm naturally a saver.

    I'm the same way...if I don't LOVE it, I should let it sit there for another week. If at that point I still want it/thinking about it...i will go back and see if it is there. But this is even true for a $15 shirt for me :)

    i'm a cheapy



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