Friday, January 15, 2010

white walls aren't so bad after all

As far back as I can remember white walls have not been the desired look when it comes to decorating your home. I think people just associate "stark" white walls with lack of warmth and comfort. So, I've heard a neutral is always a better solution aka beige. oh beige.

I am really liking these white walls with pops of color. I think this is the perfect solution for a renter who can't paint the walls. There is something young and fresh about the clean walls with the playful decor. I am possibly being persuaded to paint some walls in my house

instead of choosing a color for the walls or doing the entire room in wallpaper, the designer emphasized the focal point of the room, the fire place with a neutral colored but busy wall paper. its the perfect balance of pattern, color, and lack of color.

my kind of colors pink and green. the colors of our wedding too.
there is nothing too serious about it. it is designed beautifully but looks effortless

look at the drama in this room! look at that vintage chandelier. this room is a mix of modern and vintage. like i've said before the decor doesn't really "make sense" yet it does. every piece in the room is unexpected which is what makes it so interesting and so much fun to look at.  

how clean and chic.

in case anyone is looking for a new read, elle decor is one of my favorites! i highly recommend!

this room is fun and funky! love those little trinkets on the mantel. 

what a great and budget savvy idea to spruce up a blank wall. cover cork board or a remnant piece of wood in a great fabric. add a couple colorful pillows and what a great room.

still colorful but using muted colors. its a bit on the shabby chic side but this room is simply beautiful.
every room needs a statement (or two) I love the large chandelier and large floor to ceiling mirror. both great pieces to really add that extra interest to a space.

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