Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new daily reads..oh my.

I added three more blogs to my daily reads. I do not have time everyday to read each one but I do glance at all of them at least once a day. I definitely try to read the creative blogs that talk about home decor, wedding, and DIY projects. I feel that consistently reading about creative things keeps my creativity sharp and aware of the latest design trends.

The blogs that I have added are:
OnceWed This is a wedding blog. I love looking at other couples special day and how they expressed love and personality through their wedding. Though I am not helping anyone plan their wedding at the moment, I still find a lot of inspiration from wedding design and color palettes. People get insanely creative when it comes to weddings. You can still use ideas from a wedding and apply them to decorating your living room or use some of the same ideas when throwing a party.

Apartment Therapy This blog is neat. Featuring only home decor and design. They feature beautifully designed homes, lofts, and apartments. Its a great source for inspiration

Lovely Package I find a lot of graphic design inspiration from this blog. It is solely about packaging. And the graphic design on the packaging. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I LOVE packaging. Even before wanting to do graphic design, I would always keep the pretty packaging of perfume and even the tin cans from fossil watches. The amount of creativity people have when it comes to packaging a product is endless. I appreciate this type of design so much. Packaging is hard to design. It takes a lot of thought, brainstorming, and trial and error.  

Next time you are in the perfume department at the mall simply pay attention to the packaging. The fun materials, textures, colors, and how each product is packaged completely different. It's fun or maybe I'm just nerdy. Either way, check it out! You won't be sorry!

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